When I’m commissioned, I put my all into bringing you a portrait you’ll treasure, a portrait to make you smile, laugh or maybe even cry. 

It’s my honour to portray the animals and people special to you with the time and dedication they deserve. 

I look forward to hearing about them. 



Let me know what you have in mind for your portrait. I’ll give you a quote and if you would like to go ahead and commission me, just let me know and we’ll get started.

I will request photos and I would love to hear more about your companion/s! I can either call at a convenient time for you or we can chat over email if you prefer. 

You may have a particular photo already that you would like for your portrait or you may wish to play around taking some new shots. We will look at what photos will work best for your portrait.

I’ll do a few layout options with the chosen photo for you to see what composition you like most. 

The time frame will be discussed. This will typically be between three to six weeks depending on the medium you have chosen. If you have a tighter deadline, it may be possible to bring that forward. When you’re happy with the chosen composition and time frame, I’ll request a 20% deposit and will begin.

When the portrait is complete I will send you a photograph (unless you want the surprise when you open it) and adjustments can be made until you are completely happy. No one knows the subject better than you and it’s important to me I’ve really captured them. When you’re happy, I will require the further 80%. 

Packaged safely, I will send either recorded special delivery or UPS for larger portraits. I don’t charge extra for postage in the UK. Outside of the UK may require a postage fee.

I’d love to know what you think of your portrait when it arrives.


If you already have a photo you love and would like to use for the portrait, fantastic, send it on over. If your not completely sure then you might want to take some more photos.  

You know you companion better than anyone. You know that certain look they have or that really funny thing they do when… 

It’s great to try and capture those personal traits that only you really know and nowadays most phone cameras can catch these moments well enough for a portrait. 

I welcome videos too! I can slow them down to catch a key moment when they are doing that thing you love. 


  • Get on their level. You can experiment with photos at other angles with great results too but eye level tends to produce the best shots.
  • Take photos in natural light where possible. Either outdoors or in a well lit room. The darker the space, the less clear the photos.
  • Avoid using a flash, this tends to bleach out beautiful light and colour. If however it’s a struggle to get a clear photo without, go ahead but mix it up. I can use flash photos to reference detail and non flash to capture the colour, shadows and mood.
  • Use treats and favourite toys to get their attention.
  • For people, have fun, make them laugh. Try and catch natural moments.
  • It’s great to take photos during favourite activities, games and walks to catch them at their happiest.
  • Videos can also be great. For example, if you’re wanting a portrait of two dogs playing, a video to capture a great moment to paint can be brilliant.

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