Jessie Harlin

BA(Hons) Illustration

Animals have been an important part of my life from the moment I was born. It all started with Lilly…

Lilly was my mum’s child hating rescue mongrel that everyone told her she’d need to rehome before I was born. ‘I’ll rehome the child before I rehome Lilly’ Mum would joke, deep down knowing that she would accept me as part of our little family. She did. Lilly adored me as much as I adored her, we formed a beautiful friendship and my devotion for animals began.

“If it was raining, we’d need to leave extra early for the walk to school, as you would insist on moving all the snails out of the path so people didn’t step on them” – Mum

So when my partner Dan was driving our rental scooter in Italy, darting left and right to avoid the caterpillars on the road, I knew I’d met my match.  

In Bristol with our two dogs, life is a whole lot brighter for having them by our side. Everyone who has the pleasure of sharing their life with an animal knows how wonderful they are. Full of joy, curiosity, fun, loyalty and unconditional love. 

My life is shaped by my love of animals! Every companion I paint or draw is a heartfelt honour. 


Cruelty-free art, environmentally friendly materials

I want my art to make you happy! Happiness that doesn’t come at a cost to the environment. I use fine quality materials, carefully sourced to offer the highest standards whilst being mindful of their impact. I am far from perfect, but I’m always finding new ways to improve. 

Importantly, I will never use materials or tools that exploit animals. For example, you’ll find that most artists use pigments that contain bone char, or brushes made of fur… Painting one animal with the fur taken from another is just mind boggling to me.

Marten – an animal commonly used for its fur in art brushes

Art suitable for vegans

I have been in contact with the companies I buy from to ensure I’m only using cruelty-free materials. I source the majority of my materials from the United Kingdom.  

  • Brushes (synthetic ivory and evergreen range) from Rosemary & Co in Yorkshire, England.
  • Graphite and charcoal from Derwent in Cumbria, England.
  • Handmade oil paints from Langridge in Melbourne. 
  • I use unbranded packaging so you can reuse the boxes and ribbon for gifts.



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